Channel strategy

How committed are your resellers to boosting your product sales and increasing your market share? What’s the most effective way to nurture and strengthen your relationship without major on-going time costs and resourcing?
You can capitalise on RS Consulting’s deep understanding of the structures and demands of third party channel distribution to research, validate or evolve your channel strategy, as well as helping you to decide if you have enough of the right kind of resellers to achieve your objectives. We can also create loyalty programmes for your distributors to give you a distinct competitive advantage. Get in touch to find out more

Case study: gauging the potential appeal of a new channel process  

 What percentage of end customers and channel partners are likely to reject the introduction of a new automated reporting approach – and why? How many could find the same reporting approach useful in their own operations?

RS Consulting answered these questions for a European manufacturer of photocopiers through a 2-phase research programme in the UK, Germany and France both with channel partners offering click-based service contracts and with end-customers themselves. Phase 1 comprised six focus groups and 64 depth telephone interviews. Phase 2 extended the scope of the research with 270 CATI interviews across the three markets.

Our client gained an immediate appreciation of how many would welcome their new automated programme – and how many would not. Our recommendations became a catalyst for programme improvements and a strategy to encourage as many customers as possible to adopt it. Get in touch to find out more

Case study: identifying what competitors are doing for IT reseller partners – and improving on it  

 What are European software resellers looking for in a partnership programme – and which brand (if any) is delivering what they want? RS Consulting answered the questions and recommended a more effective channel support strategy for a provider of data storage and back-up services when they wanted to improve their market share.

Our solution was 300 structured interviews with software resellers segmented by the four brands they retailed and located throughout the UK, France, Germany, Benelux and the Nordic regions. In addition, we conducted 10 depth interviews with key market distributors. Through this our client gained an in-depth understanding of the software reseller market in each country or region – plus a comprehensive appreciation of the different partnership programmes that are in force, resellers’ interest in new programmes and important brand awareness and brand perception indicators. Get in touch to find out more
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